Our Racing Analyst Barry Hughes has been in the Racing Industry for more years than he cares to remember. Barry was guest speaker at the Sydney University with the late great Don Scott. So he knows Racing. His Retirement Staking Plan (you can obtain a free copy anytime) is not only rated one of the best in this country, it's also rated on top in the UK, more than holding it's own with plans selling for hundreds of dollars.

The performance of his Formula One is well documented. It will increase Win Strike Rates on any method you apply it to. Pick up any Punter's Choice annual from the past 25years, more often than not our systems are the leaders.

This hasn't happened by chance. Before we release any system, our Racing Analyst will request Rules and Results for a minimum of 12 months. Then monitor the System's future results for another 12 months, and will only give the green light to publish if the results hold up, and to be honest, more times than not we still get it wrong. Racing is a hard game to win at.

If you wish to speak to Barry phone: 02 6649 8285, if he is out he will get back to you. Or send your inquiries to

Note: The results on all our systems have been verified by Neale Yardley's Bet Selector.

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